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Homes North | Residents


Information for Homes North residents

Homes North is committed to knowing our clients and meeting their individual needs and we aim to provide the highest level of assistance across our range of services.


We support our residents to not only develop the skills to maintain a tenancy, but also to cultivate the skills to live fulfilling and independent lives.


It is our goal to ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our residents and provide clear, helpful information aimed to address any tenancy related questions or enquiries.


Residents of Homes North can find out more information about us by accessing the following pages:

Let our Residents Guide us into the future

Our residents will remain our reference point for all strategic and operational planning. Understanding our residents’ experience of our service, as well as the barriers they experience in achieving their aspirations, is vital to ensuring we allocate resources appropriately and effectively.

No service is perfect but the staff at Homes North work hard to look after residents. They are polite, helpful and easy to talk to. Open to suggestions and good communicators. Thanks for doing a great job!

- Anonymous quote from current tenant

Homes North Housing is magnificent -its very well suited to my situation for which I am very grateful.

- Anonymous quote from current tenant

I am thankful to Homes North for providing me a safe place that caters to my deteriorating health. Having a house that is modern and designed for someone in a wheelchair is wonderful. Also for providing me a community of lovely, friendly, neighbours for myself and my son. Thank you to all staff at Homes North for your wonderful service.

- Anonymous tenant quote

I have lived in my house for 29 years and love it here. I had to move so many times before I got this house and have loved being in it.

- Anonymous feedback from Homes North Tenant Survey

The staff I speak to have always been courteous and polite and act immediately at a request. I don't contact Homes North unless it is a must. I am very happy to be one of their tenants. Thank you.

- Anonymous feedback from Homes North Tenant Survey