Tenant’s Handbook

Our Housing: Tenant’s Handbook

The Tenant’s Handbook aims to provide tenants of Homes North with information they need in order to understand Homes North and how it operates. We hope it will assist tenants to enjoy their time with us. It also aims to inform tenants of their rights and responsibilities as a tenant of Homes North.


The following topics are covered in the handbook:

  • The Tenancy Agreement
  • What you can expect from Homes North
  • What Homes North expects of you
  • Rent payments
  • How rent is calculated
  • What is Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)?
  • How do you pay the rent?
  • What happens if you get behind in your rent?
  • Income and Rent Reviews
  • Water Charges
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • What to do when something needs to be fixed
  • Emergency repairs
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • Property Inspections
  • Visitors & Additional Occupants
  • Household safety and security
  • Tenancy Transfers
  • What happens when you leave Homes North?
  • What happens when Homes North terminates the tenancy?
  • How to make a complaint
  • How to appeal a decision
  • Information and Support for Tenants


The Tenant’s Handbook is available to be downloaded as a PDF document.

Download Tenant's Handbook