Service Provider information regarding Homes North service continuity

Service Provider information regarding Homes North service continuity



9th April 2020                  Housing update

Homes North continues to provide tenancy and homelessness services during these challenging times of COVID-19.

A message from CEO, Maree McKenzie

As a valued partner organisation, we ask that you let your teams and clients know that Homes North will continue to provide our services and work through the challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The need to reduce social contact and help the country overcome the spread of COVID-19 means that we have introduced some new ways of working.

We ask you to please use email or telephone to communicate with us.

Work from home arrangements have been put in place for some staff; please be assured that our services will continue to be provided. We are asking our clients and tenants to call us and make an appointment if it is essential they come to our office.

All our offices will continue to offer property and tenancy management services. We are aware of difficulties this time brings for many of our tenants and we have commenced tenant wellbeing checks for our elderly and more vulnerable tenants. If you are concerned about any of your clients that may need support please let us know by contacting us on our nearest local office number or via email

We know that some of our tenants may have lost their job or are worried about losing their job. Please encourage them to get in touch with Homes North. Our tenancy teams and homelessness service and those of our partners, will discuss and agree on arrangements for each household facing this situation.

The most important thing for Homes North is to help our tenant stay in their homes. If you have any concerns about any of our tenants or applicants please call us at our nearest local office number or email us on or for homeless clients

Homes North provides a range of accommodation services across the New England North West. We ask you to please go to our website for the most up to date information on our services as they will change over the coming weeks as State Government initiatives and policies adapt.

Homes North will continue to provide our services, with some amendments, and continue to monitor the direction we receive from Government and any impacts on the services we provide.

Thank you and stay safe.

Maree McKenzie


Homes North Community Housing