Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our staff from across the region has been meeting regularly to develop Homes North’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The plan lays out nearly 50 achievable and measurable actions that Homes North has committed to achieving over the next two years. The actions will see the development of better principles of working with our Aboriginal tenants and communities to achieve positive outcomes.

RAP working group members Alphena Banfield, John Kleeman and Maree McKenzie seated and Andrew Parker, Talitha Holzhauser and Nickie Murcell standing.

The plan builds on Homes North’s strong Aboriginal employment history to provide even more Aboriginal employment opportunities. The Aboriginal Employment Strategy includes activities to increase, retain and support Aboriginal staff. Homes North will continue to take a lead in celebrating events of significance on the Aboriginal calendar and engage in staff cultural learning.


Our RAP has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia who will monitor the implementation of the plan throughout its lifecycle.


As Homes North takes steps to train staff in becoming more culturally aware, we are also taking further steps to enhance cultural learning by introducing the recently developed Community Housing Aboriginal Cultural Competency Standards – a self-assessment process for community housing providers.

The RAP working group has now been charged with the task of performing a self-assessment review of how we and our tenants and partners think we are shaping up against the standard. This is no small piece of work and will, in all likelihood, be a process of continual improvement over many years.

We are very proud of the tangible steps we are taking to improve our capacity to work effectively with Aboriginal staff, communities and Aboriginal organisations and businesses.

- Maree McKenzie, CEO Homes North