Our Values and Mission

Our Values

Our points of culture are the values Homes North strives to exemplify every day.  These values are the principles guiding ethical behaviour.

We will communicate in a positive, clear and concise manner using the appropriate method and tone, listening without judgement.


We will show respect at all times; valuing our differences and treating people how we want to be treated.


We will take responsibility and ownership of our own behaviour and actions.

Good Faith

We will act with good faith; consciously choosing to believe that people are acting with good intent, giving them the opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings.


We will be supportive and work as a team; showing understanding to one another and providing encouragement.


We will work ethically and with integrity; conducting ourselves professionally, maintaining confidentiality and always being honest.

Our Mission

To disrupt disadvantage by:

Providing a secure home that takes into account the physical, social and economic environment.

Working with individuals and the community across a promotion-to-prevention continuum that builds strengths and reduces vulnerabilities.

Taking a long-term, intergenerational outlook to change cycles of disadvantage, exclusion and isolation.

Ensuring true security is achieved for individuals when there is a harmony and resilience existing across each of these dimensions.