Our Purpose

Our Purpose
  • Create secure, affordable and sensitively managed housing opportunities for low income households, regardless of race, creed, colour, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Encourage the support of all levels of government for the development and expansion of Community based non-profit housing programmes.
  • Take up equity in properties wherever possible.
  • Identify unused publicly owned properties and bring these under the Company’s management where appropriate.
  • Work for the prevention of the further loss of accommodation for low income earners and the associated escalation in accommodation costs which is causing dispossession and displacement of these people.
  • Raise public awareness and understanding of the social contexts within which people become homeless or poorly housed.
  • Encourage the involvement of tenants in the management of their own housing.
  • Focus on the housing needs of those population groups discriminated against in the private rental market and/ or excluded from other public housing programmes.
  • Inform, assist and co-operate with other organisations and with all levels of government concerned with housing issues.
  • Liaise with and complement existing housing provision and housing support services.
Strive for:
  • A just and equitable distribution of, and access to, housing resources in NSW;
  • community and consumer involvement, participation and representation in planning and implementing housing policies;
  • an integrated approach to housing and human settlement including consideration of necessary facilities, amenities, opportunities and community supports.