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Homes North | Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The ability to access safe and affordable housing in the private market can be challenging for many Australians, particularly following the global impacts of COVID-19.  Today, not-for-profit organisations, such as Homes North, play an even more important role in the housing sector, providing housing that allows people to live in dignity while having sufficient money to afford basic living costs such as clothing, medical care, food, transport and education.  We ensure new builds, and where possible, renovations meet the highest design quality standards.  We also consider our purpose is to work with the broader service system through coordination, collaboration and community hubs to deliver improved services and accountability.
A People-Centred Industry

People who live in community housing or seek other housing assistance, experience some form of disadvantage.  While our primary goal is safe, appropriate and ongoing housing we understand that what matters is the whole experience for our clients and their families.  To this end we partner with a wide range of organisations to support the well-being of our clients.  We are continually improving our approach to provide a respectful person-centred practice within Homes North.

In Safe Hands

Community housing is one of the most strongly regulated sectors.  We appreciate this oversight as it fits with our focus on strong risk and financial management, good governance and delivering outcomes.