Our Housing

Our Housing

As at 31 October 2019 Homes North managed 2678 properties across the New England North West region under a range of programmes. The Department of Family and Community Services, Land and Housing Corporation, currently funds much of Homes North’s portfolio.

The portfolio can be broken down under the following programme areas by %:

2126 Capital Properties

The capital programme allows Community Housing providers to lease Land and Housing Corporation owned properties, and sublet to eligible clients. Homes North collects all rents and pays all expenses associated with the properties and is responsible for all aspects of long-term asset maintenance planning.


250 Stimulus Properties

These are properties where title was transferred from Land and Housing Corporation to Homes North for the express purpose of providing Homes North with the capacity to leverage against the transferred assets to procure additional social housing. Caveats on title require that these properties are used for the purpose of social housing.


260 Leasehold Properties

The leasehold programme provides a subsidy for Homes North to rent in the private market and then sublet to a low income households at a reduced rent.


30 Homes North Freehold Properties

Homes North Freehold Properties: These are properties that are owned by Homes North which have either been acquired or developed by leveraging assets transferred via the Stimulus programme. The properties are let to households on low to moderate incomes, who pay rent at 20% less than the market rate so that they are also able to meet other basic costs of living without experiencing “rental stress” (paying more than 30% of their income on rent).


69 Fee for Service Properties

Fee for Service Properties: Homes North has contracts where it provides tenancy and property management services on a fee-for-service basis. This arm is managed separately from our community housing portfolio and caters to the client organisations. These services are only provided to organisations providing social and affordable housing, and include: Aboriginal Housing Office (Employment Related Accommodation), Mara Mara Community Inc, Tamworth Local Aboriginal Lands Council, Uniting Care Ageing and 10 National Rental Affordability Scheme properties.