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Homes North | How do people apply for Social Housing?

How do people apply for Social Housing?

How do people apply for Social Housing?

Applicants fill out a single application form to apply for properties managed by Housing NSW and community housing providers. This application process is managed centrally through the ‘Housing Pathways’ system – a system which ensures that the criteria for assessing eligibility for Social Housing applies once across the board.


Housing Pathways incorporates a single waiting list that operates across the state. This means that applicants can choose whether they would like to be housed with Housing NSW or a community housing provider. If they elect both, this may increase their chances of being housed.


Additionally, the application process is made easier through Housing Pathways because applicants can choose to go to any participating community housing provider or local Housing NSW office to lodge their application, update their details or make enquiries about the progress of their application.


For more information about Housing Pathways, please refer to the following Housing Pathways fact sheets: