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Homes North | Housing transfer

Housing transfer

This information is only for tenants of Family and Community Services (Housing NSW) who have transferred to Homes North. It does not apply to current Homes North tenants.

The Department of Family and Community Services has transferred the tenancy management of around 1,700 social housing tenancies to Homes North. The NSW Government supports the diversity and service delivery of community housing providers like Homes North and their ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Who will own the property I live in?

The NSW Government will still own the property you live in. It will be leased to the community housing provider to manage your tenancy.

Who will I call for maintenance?

You can continue to call the maintenance line on 1800 422 322, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will my information be given to the community housing provider?

Yes. To help make your transfer to Homes North easier for you, the NSW Government has passed legislation to allow them to give information about your housing, including personal and health information about you and your household members to Homes North.

Interpreting and translation services

Family and Community Services provide a range of language services to ensure that all tenants have equal access to public housing services and information. If you need help with interpreting or translation because English is not your first language, phone the All Graduates Translating and English Service on 1300 652 488. They will call the housing organisation and interpret for you for free.

Will my rent change?

Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) is a payment from the Australian Government to help eligible people pay their rent.

If you are eligible to receive CRA from Centrelink, your rent will change, but more importantly, the amount of money you have left after paying your rent will not change. Example as at October 2017: Individual circumstances differ, so this example only shows:

  • A single person who is receiving an Aged Pension and the Clean Energy Supplement; and
  • who has no additional income; and
  • who is the only person living in the property; and
  • is entitled to the maximum rate of CRA.
FACS tenant (per fortnight)
INCOME: Aged Pension, Single (includes Clean Energy Supplement)
RENT CHARGED: based on 25% of your income
Community housing tenant (per fortnight)
INCOME: Aged Pension, Single (includes Clean Energy Supplement) + the maximum rate of CRA payment - $133 per fortnight
RENT CHARGED: based on 25% of your income + 100% of the maximum rate of CRA payment - $133 per fortnight