The Housing Alliance

The Housing Alliance
A strong alliance of comparable regional housing organisations who, through collaboration, innovation and sharing, strengthen their delivery of services at a local level and are respected thought leaders.
To share knowledge and build virtual capacity. Consultancy, legal, technical and other costs can be spread across three organisations. This builds a culture of strategic agility with alliance members to effectively respond and innovate for regional solutions to housing need. There are five key objectives for the Housing Alliance’s current business plan with appropriate governance of the Housing Alliance being a core tenet of the plan.

Homes North is proud to be a founding member of the Housing Alliance.  The Housing Alliance is an innovative partnership between Homes North, North Coast Community Housing and Housing Plus.

The Housing Alliance is a strong alliance of comparable regional housing organisations who through collaboration, innovation and sharing, strengthen their delivery of services at a local level.


The Housing Alliance offers a vision to the greater community housing sector of an innovative redefinition of a sector culture based on trust and focused on collaboration over competition.  The Housing Alliance is consciously structured to be based on the values of community and collegiality.


Stronger than a ‘partnership,’ but stopping short of a merger, the Housing Alliance’s member organisations, when taken together, become one of the largest Community Housing Providers in the country by number of tenancies managed (approximately 2,800).


The Housing Alliance synergies are that all organisations provide community housing services in regional NSW locations, all have operations spanning large geographic areas with multi-site offices, all are registered as mid-size Class 1 or 2 providers within the sector.


During the year Homes Out West made the strategic decision to align their organisation more closely with opportunities within their region and allowed their membership of the Housing Alliance to lapse and the end of the 2014/15 financial year.


The Housing Alliance is a mechanism that allows the members to remain viable, independent and anchored within their local communities while reaping some of the benefits of scale and a larger operation.

Key Achievements in 2015/16
  • Commenced development of the Australian Social Value Bank.
  • Established a new Company, Alliance Social Enterprises, for Housing Alliance joint ventures such as the Australian Social Value Bank.
  • Commenced joint development of a social impact investment product with the assistance of consultants The Difference Incubator and NAB.
  • Joint growth readiness planning.
  • Joint scenario planning.
  • Appointed a Marketing & Administration Coordinator to assist the CEO’s.
  • Commenced work on the Housing Alliance Indigenous Engagement Plan.
  • Implemented a Joint Business Development Framework.
  • Continued joint practice sharing and policy and procedure development.
  • Cost sharing of consultants and advisors.