Governance Board

Governance Board
Jane Michie, Chairperson

I’m passionate about supporting an organisation that understands and responds to the needs of its clients through local knowledge and employment of local people.

- Jane Michie, Chairperson: Appointed 19 December 2018 (Director from 16 June 2015)

Current Position: Research Support Officer – University of New England

Qualifications: Master of Business Administration (Professional Accounting – University of New England; Bachelor of Arts – Newcastle University; Diploma of Government (Management) – Australian Institute of Management

Experience: Over 20 years’ experience in management and finance in the medical, financial services, community services and local government sectors.

Special Responsibilities: Chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee

Libby Cumming, Deputy Chairperson

Giving back to the community is very important, and working with Homes North allows me to use my skills and experience to give not only to my community but also across our region.

- Libby Cumming, Director: Appointed 30 November 2015

Current Position: Principal – New England North West Planning Services, Town Planning Consultancy

Qualifications: Bachelor Urban and Regional Planning – University of New England Graduate Certificate of Local Transport Planning – University of New England; Graduate Certificate of Urban Land Development  – University of New England; Graduate Certificate of Environmental Design – University of New England; Graduate Certificate of Planning Law and Administration – University of New England;  Financial Management Certificate – Charles Sturt University;  Advanced Social Planning – Local Government Centre; Workplace Training (Category 1) – Central West Community College;  Building in Bushfire Prone Areas Certificate – University of Technology Sydney; Aboriginal Sites Awareness Certificate – NSW Aboriginal Heritage Office

Experience:Thirty years of numerous diverse management roles within the Local Government sector across all regulatory services including development and building certification, health and environmental services, heritage, flood plain and bushfire management, management of internal processing and community service projects and strategic policy making.

Special Responsibilities: Member  Transition Committee; Member Audit and Risk Committee

Alison Sheridan, Director

I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the important work Homes North is doing in our communities across the New England North West in providing affordable housing and helping to address economic inequality.

- Alison Sheridan, Director: Appointed 14 March 2018

Current Position: Professor in Management, UNE Business School

Qualifications: Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Hons 1) – University of Sydney, PhD, – University of New England, GAICD, FANZAM, PFHEA

Experience: Thirty years of teaching research and management roles at the University of New England.  Experienced Director, including of Regional Australia Bank, New England North West Regional Development Board (2003-2007) and not for profit training organisations.

Special Responsibilities: Member of the Audit and Risk Committee

Dr John Kleeman, Director

I joined the Board at a time when the social outcomes for our tenants was increasing in priority, alongside excellent housing provision, and Homes North was setting a new strategic plan. We have a real opportunity to make a difference, and it is a really good time to be involved.

- Dr John Kleeman, Director: Appointed 30 November 2015

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Adelaide) – Doctor of Philosophy (ANU)

Experience: Director/Head of institutional Planning and Strategy; and Academic Teaching, Research and Administration, University of New England. Senior office holder in a community organisations (voluntary).

Special Responsibilities: Member Board Tender Committee; Member Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group; Homes North representative Member of Board of Alliance Social Enterprises: Member Transition Committee; Member Nomination Committee

Ken Bone, Director

I have had a long term commitment to services that empower people to have the ability and resources to choose and manage their own life journey and I want those service to continually challenge themselves as to how they provide opportunities to clients.

- Ken Bone, Director: Appointed 19 August 2017

Current Position: Consultant in governance, housing and project consultant.  Board Chair Woodville Alliance.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Economics – University of Sydney

Experience: Commonwealth public servant primarily Parliamentary and Health Departments. Group Manager Operations Parramatta City Council. General Manager for NSW Housing for country and city operations. Board Chair for Western Suburbs Community Housing.

Special Responsibilities: Chairperson of the Transition Committee, appointed on 12 December 2018; Member Nomination Committee

Janelle Speed, Director

- Janelle Speed, Director: Appointed 18 September 2019

Special Responsibilities:  Member Nomination Committee

Sue Ainsworth, Director

- Sue Ainsworth, Director: Appointed 18 September 2019

Cathy Duncan, Director

- Cathy Duncan, Director: Appointed 18 September 2019