Delivering our Vision

Delivering our Vision

Who did we help last year?

New Households and new Tenancies in the year 2017/2018

New households into social and affordable housing


New tenancies who were young people (25 years and under) `{`18%`}`


New tenancies in greatest need at the time of allocation (94%)


Greatest need Indigenous (37%)


Greatest need Disabled (23%)


Greatest need Youth (17%)

Who lives in our houses as at 30th June 2018

Assisting a person with a disability (38%)


By cultural identity Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (41%)

Residents as at 30th June 2018 by age

55 years and over (22%)


26 - 54 years (31%)


25 years and younger (46%)

Our statistics demonstrate we are assisting our community members most in need.

Greatest need is defined as:

  • People who are homeless or imminently homeless; those living in crisis accommodation
  • People whose life or safety is at risk in their current accommodation
  • People whose health condition is aggravated by their housing
  • People whose housing is inappropriate to their needs
  • People with very high rental housing costs i.e. those who paid more than 41% of their income in rent at time of allocation
Highlights 2017 / 2018
  • Successful bid for the Social Housing Management Transfer, with approximately 1,700 new tenancies transferring across to Homes North management from NSW Family and Community Services Housing
  • Planning and implementation of Homes North’s Social Housing Management Transfer transformation through the Transformation Team, Senior Executive and staff
  • Development of partnerships with local organisations to provide better services to our tenants, such as BackTrack, Kirinari and Aboriginal Hostels Association
  • Working with Resident Engagement Officers to offer more Tenant Groups across the New England North West to help with improvements in service delivery and to better engage with our tenants
  • Sustaining the high level of tenant satisfaction through the independent survey run by Social Housing peak body in NSW, CHIA NSW.
  • Funding through the Safer Communities fund to provide security cameras for a high risk unit complex in Tamworth