Focused on changing what is possible for social and community housing
Community housing is a ‘people centred’ industry that provides high quality rental housing to low to medium income earners

As tightly regulated and ethically managed organisations, our profits are reinvested to improve local services and increase the range and types of housing we can offer.


Compared to the general community, tenants in community housing are more likely to face some form of disadvantage, like unemployment or a disability. In addition to delivering safe and secure homes, we help clients stabilise their lives, maintain their tenancies and engage with their communities. We successfully partner with a wide variety of organisations to provide vital and highly valued support services to clients.


Homes North continues to develop our relationships and working partnerships with investors, property developers, government and other partners to deliver new housing. These bring together land, funding and expertise which is difficult for any single partner to assemble alone.


Like other property owners, we can also take out loans against our assets. As a Not For Profit we use this capacity to further our mission to increase the number of Community Housing properties available for the community.


Community Housing is a growing industry with the potential to offer private investors secure returns.


The government is showing a strong commitment to supporting the growth in the Community Housing sector. With general housing affordability decreasing community housing will play an even more pivotal role. It will also be working to change community perception of social housing to reimagine it as a positive and dynamic option for our more vulnerable and disadvantaged tenants.

Had it not been for Homes North giving us rental accommodation our lives would be in a worse situation than today. Well done Homes North.

- Anonymous feedback from Homes North Tenant Survey