Delivering our Vision

Delivering our Vision

Who did we help last year?

In the year 2015/2016

New households


New tenancies who were young people (25 years and under)


New tenancies in greatest need at the time of allocation (85%)


Greatest need Indigenous (46%)


Greatest need Disabled (35%)


Greatest need Youth (46%)

As at 30th June 2016

Residents with a disability (33%)


Residents who are Indigenous

Residents as at 30th June 2016 by age

55 years and over (24%)


26 - 54 years (32%)


25 years and younger (43%)

Our statistics demonstrate we are assisting our community members most in need.

Greatest need is defined as:

  • People who are homeless or imminently homeless; those living in crisis accommodation
  • People whose life or safety is at risk in their current accommodation
  • People whose health condition is aggravated by their housing
  • People whose housing is inappropriate to their needs
  • People with very high rental housing costs i.e. those who paid more than 41% of their income in rent at time of allocation
Highlights 2015 / 2016
  • Commencement of new 6 unit development at 2-4 Stephen St in Armidale. As at reporting date the project is 80% complete.
  • Commencement of planned maintenance works Glen Innes and Tenterfield portfolio
  • Scoping of planned maintenance work for the Gunnedah portfolio
  • Undertaking scheduled planned maintenance on our Affordable Housing portfolio
  • Planning for the Sustainable Social Housing and Training project with Best Practice Constructions, TAFE and Joblink Plus
  • Working with the Tenant Participation Officers to secure funding to construct a communal pergola at a unit complex in Gunnedah and fencing in Glen Innes